We believe that every company is unique; their needs and problems are different. That’s why our services are “tailor made” for you. We will support the business processes, and we design the service to suit your needs.

Our areas of experience cover four basic areas, but experience has taught us to work as a team with the client. We are proven to give innovative services of high value, and we are always happy to listen to our customers and to jointly seek an alternative that meets their creative needs.

Recruitment and Selection

This service is to identify candidates based on a profile position; it will identify and attract candidates for evaluation, and we will select the ones that best meet the requirements for the job that our clients require. Staff can be assessed at any organizational level through psychometric tests to evaluate personnel, ascertain at which level people will excel, and to identify talent and potential training needs.

Psychometric and Socioeconomic studies

Personnel of any hierarchical level can be evaluated through psychometric tests to select candidates, know the degree of adequacy of a person to his position, detect talent, determine development potential and training needs. We conduct investigations to confirm the information given by candidates, such as personal, economic, and family information and work history. Thanks to this procedure, the company will be sure of knowing everything they need about candidates for employment, and they can proceed with confidence through the hiring process.

Training and Development

We deliver training courses, to empower their labor and professional development as well as team building, integration and team work. We are authorized by the STPS (Mexico Labor Department) to act as an external training agent.

Business Process Outsourcing

We manage process staff outside the "Core Business" that your organization requires to be carried out externally, with strict compliance with all the corresponding legal and fiscal dispositions, allowing our clients to focus their efforts and attention on what generates value for their company.

Payroll processing

We offer you payroll calculation service, designing a process according to the client's needs, controlling diverse procedures, as well all the movements of IMSS, INFONAVIT, AFORE, accountable information, tax declarations, and annual procedures.