BeSa Consulting was founded in year 2000 as an initiative to capitalize on the advantages offered by the Human Resources Outsourcing (WHR) for FEMSA brewery (Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma) and also as a way to overcome some bad practices in the marketplace. The innovative model for staff administration that BeSa offers has led it to have a solid, natural expansion in the majority of the enterprises of Group FEMSA, for whom we have been working exclusively for nine years.

Since January 2009, BeSa has been sharing the learning gained and the benefits achieved with companies outside FEMSA, thus allowing BeSa to serve more clients.


To be recognized as the company that offers the best option for external staff administration, quality service, and client orientation.


To grow with our consumers through trustworthy and dynamically strong relationships that suit their needs and allow for consolidations toward long-term solutions.


Our Philosophy

All our actions seek the total satisfaction of our customers, supporting them to achieve their business goals. We believe that honesty, trust, and commitment are values that build relationships in the long term.

We are a “firm,” which for us has a much deeper meaning than being just a “business”.